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Repairs – Maintenance

The Services department of Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. undertakes the installation and repair of any type of automation system, in Greece and abroad.


  • Offer services to Global Level
  • Technical Inspection on board.
  • Estimated cost and delivery time / work integration
  • Inventories of spare parts
  • Constructions on board
  • Provision of good operation guarantee
  • Provision of detailed supporting documents
  • Marine type Certificates

Repair Systems

  • Protection of generators and power management
  • Pneumatic control and automation of main engines
  • Burners Control
  • Fire detection and Fire protection
  • Detection of inert gases
  • Monitoring Level Tank, Pressure, Temperature
  • Fuel and oil viscosity control
  • Monitoring oil concentration in flue gas
  • Monitoring of oil discharges (Oil Discharge Monitoring)
  • Repair of Printed Electronic Boards