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Systhma Parakoloythhshs THyrwn Ploiwn

Ship Door Monitoring System

According to the requirements of the ISPS Code, it is necessary to increase safety on ships, this is solved by using a system that monitors the state of the ship’s outer doors.


Aftomatos Elenchos Anixnefshs Ydatos Synagermoy se amparia

Automatic Water Detection Control & Alarm on Holds.

Automatic Water Detection Control & Alarm of "C & A" for cargo ships, is based on 35 years of experience in providing Automation services . Easy installation, maintenance and significantly reduced cost.


Systhma Anixnefshs Aeriwn se Deksamenes Ermatos

Gas Detection System in Ballast Tanks

This system is intended for permanent installation and covers most of the possible applications in tankers. All components are supplied, assembled and ready.


Systhma Anixnefshs Diarrohs Petrelaiou Engines Generators

Oil Leak Detection System (Main Engines & Diesel Generators)

Up to 8 main engines & Diesel generators . Local -Remote audio / visual alarm indication.


Systhma Prostasias kai Elenchou gia gennhtries Diesel

Protection and Control System for Diesel generators.

Automatic electric motors load management system.


Parakoloythhsh Pieshs se Manifolds

Pressure Monitoring in Manifolds

I.G.S pressure monitoring and alarm system in the holds.