When a PLC breakdown occurs, the manufacturing process is affected. Many times we must stop the production process, hire external services from programmers, wait for the appropriate replacement…. Do you feel identified with this situations?

80% of failures occur at the I/O cards. Many risks are directed to these cards, since all the sensors are connected to them, and they distributed throughout the production site. Cables are subject to transients, overloads, electromagnetic interference, bad or poor ground connections… And I/O cards are the final link where noise is concentrated, a fact that can damage the cards.

Although in design phase the use of I/O cards dedicated to the signal is very convenient, as it allows direct input of the signal to the PLC, aspects such as the transport of the signal, the durability of the system, its maintenance, the diagnosis and possible effects on the installation where the application is finally installed must be taken into account.

In an application with temperature probes, for example, what happens in the path between the probe and the PLC? How is the mV or resistance signal affected when passing through the different rooms of the manufacturing site, or through the different machine circuits? Is the measurement accurate? Are noises coupling? And if I had to change the sensor, will I find a matching probe? Does the end user knows that the process will have to be stopped, and buy hours of programming to adapt of the program?

At our partner, FEMA ELECTRONICA, they have tried to facilitate the maintenance of machinery with versatile elements, without the need of software, without accessories, and that can also be configured to work with a variety of sensors, be configured for different outputs, and can be powered from a real universal power.

The I3 and I4 isolated converters perform an excellent acquisition of the original signal, and convert the signal to standard 4/20 mA or 0/10 Vdc process signals, in a safe and isolated way, free of surges and transients. They can work with different sensors, and can work in a power range from 18 to 265 Vac / Vdc. Its function is clear: to protect the inputs of the PLC and to separate the PLC from the periphery sensor circuits.

The I3 and I4 isolated converters facilitate the commissioning and verification tasks thanks to the “Force” function. Additionally, the isolated converters of the I4 series offer front reading of the input and output values, useful in verification and maintenance processes.

Not only you will be able to change the sensor or input signal type, but you will also use the same instrument in your entire range of machinery. All without stopping your process.

Your architecture will be easier to maintain, and your spare parts easier to find, common and inexpensive.

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Following the successful course recorded by C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A. in the supply of high-quality marine type cables in Asia through its exclusive partner Jiangsu Honest Cable since 2019, the company has created new facilities in Piraeus to supply its customers in all European ports – and in the Mediterranean in general – with certified cables in a short time and with low shipping costs.

It is about shielded power, signal, telecommunications cables that have all the necessary certifications from internationally recognized ertifying authorities such as ABS, DNV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register, Det Norske Veritas, Polish register of vessels, Registro Italiano Navale, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, ClassNK and are suitable for applications such as new buildings οr yachts, repairs, installation of new systems, etc.

The decision of creating the new facilities is a result of the growing demand of the company’s customers, who trust it for high quality products and services for more than 40 years, to supply their ships in these ports with certified cables.


As the need for the transportation of refrigerated goods keeps growing, shipping industry demands new practical ways to manage the increase in freight. REEFER MAX project was occurred by C&A Stavros Kassidiaris SA’s technicians recently giving solution in this transportation.

Specifically, the REEFER MAX project refers to a container ship, that maintains the cargo inside the reefer containers at the appropriate temperature, according to the strict specifications of the charterer. Perishables products such as fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, flowers, and medicines are usually transported in refrigerated containers. Special areas in the container vessel hold and on the deck of the ship are equipped with adequate power supply and with sufficient ventilation space for the cooling compressor. These areas are pre-determined before the ship is loaded and are included in the general loading plan followed in each port.

In the beginning of the project

The first stage of the project concerned a family of six 6700 TEU refrigerated container vessels. During the construction and the initial design, the ships were equipped with 1200 additional reefer containers on the deck and in the hold, while after the completion of the project there was an increase of 35% of the total capacity to over 1600 TEU.

First stage of the project

Project planning started with the revision of the electrical plans of the ships, so that the new slots can be connected safely to the electrical network of the ships. All relevant studies, such as load analysis and short circuit calculation, were submitted and approved by the respective classification and certification bodies. According to the ventilation study additional electric fans had to be installed in the cargo hold areas to increase the air supply and provide sufficient ventilation to the increased number of refrigeration units.

Second stage of the project

In the second stage of the project the electrical panels that had already been constructed by our technicians were installed in predetermined parts of the ship, while new cables were installed to connect the old panels with the new ones and the additional reefer sockets. At the same time new ventilators and a new remote-control panel were installed inside the hold, inside the Control Room, giving access to the ship’s crew to control the new and old fans remotely.

Refcon system upgrade

After the installation completed, the existing remote monitoring system of the condition of the refrigerators-containers was upgraded, so that the new container-refrigerators can be connected. After the upgrade completion, the crew has access to all information regarding the container – refrigerator, such as port of loading and unloading, temperature curve, etc. This enables the crew to provide – on request — refrigerator information to the container holder about the cargo even in real time.

The completion of the project

The completion of the project accomplished in about 120 days and took place at Zhoushan Xinya Shipyard in China. For the implementation of the task were needed:

  • 75 days for the construction of 80 electrical panel
  • More than 80km of newly installed power cables (from 3×1.5mm2 to 3x120mm2)
  • 35 days for installation on each vessel at the shipyard
  • 40 employees-technicians per day




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Jiangsu Honest Cable Co. Ltd recently supplied the shipyard Zhoushan COSCO Shipyard Co., Ltd., in China, with 200,000 meters of shipping cables for the construction of 8 new building ships.

The chinese company which has successfully installed its cables on more than 200 vessels worldwide so far is exclusively and officially represented in Greece by C&A STAVROS KASIDIARIS SA.

Who is exactly the reliable manufacturer and supplier of shipping cables

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, Jiangsu Honest Cable is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Marine Cable & Offshore Cables based in China.

Jiangsu Honest Cable has a wide range of Marine Cables such as Power Cables, Telephone Cables, Flex Cables, Data Cables, Coaxial Cables and more. These products have been manufactured according to IEC 60092, JIS C3410, BS6883/BS7917, NEK 6060 or DIN 89158.

Καλώδια ναυτικού τύπου Jiangsu Honest Cable

It is noted that the company’s marine type cables are approved by ABS, BV, CCS, LR, DNV-GL, NK, KR, RS and RINA.

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The first project in terms of great risk was completed by the technicians of C&A STAVROS KASIDIARIS SA in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth at the EYDAP facilities on February 25, 2020.

More specifically, C&A’s experts installed two 35-meter cables, using straps. The purpose of the project was to repair the damage caused by the theft of the cables and the vandalism at a gate of EYDAP’s facilities.

Special equipment was used for this work ensuring the safety of the technician, protecting himself from falling into the canal and simultaneously completing the work adequately.

The cables were placed by Christos Chatziioannou (pictures) and Giannis Giannakakos. In the procedure participated Kostas Bouzikakos as well.



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