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The company Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. was founded in 1978 and headquartered in Piraeus.

For 38 years it is active in the Industry of Marine and Public Works, on issues of Automation and Electrical applications.

  • Process Control Systems – Automation installations
  • Information Systems – Management & Control Systems
  • SCADA – remote monitoring, remote control
  • Software installations, machinery
  • Access Control Systems of Building control – BMS
  • Calibration and Certification of instruments.
  • measurement systems recording electric, natural chemical sizes
  • Gas Analyzers (explosive, toxic, etc.)
  • Automation of Generators
  • Power Panels and distribution.
  • Consoles of machines.
  • Automation instruments.
  • Alarm Panels, Protective Devices


The company Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. is residenced in modern and owned facilities, total area of 1300m² and were completed in 2005. The new facilities are equipped with modern machinery, laboratory and guarantee qualified products, services in accordance with the modern requirements of art and technology. Personnel The company occupies totally 42 people, experienced and permanent personnel, composed of engineers and technicians of all specialties (electrician, electronics, and mechanical engineers) and guarantees solutions to all problems and the implementation of any application.


Η εταιρεία απασχολεί συνολικά 42 άτομα, έμπειρο και μόνιμο προσωπικό, που απαρτίζεται από μηχανικούς και τεχνικούς όλων των ειδικοτήτων (ηλεκτρολόγους, ηλεκτρονικούς, μηχανολόγους, αυτοματιστές κτλ) και εγγυάται την επίλυση οποιουδήποτε προβλήματος καθώς και την υλοποίηση οποιασδήποτε εφαρμογής.


  • Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. has been certified with ISO 9001, by Bureau Veritas (BVQI) and all company’s products have the CE mark.
  • The last year the company has acquired contracting degree A1 for “PROJECTS ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT” with great response and joint ventures with various techniques in public works companies.
  • Subsequently upgraded the above degree in A2 and expanding it to “ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS”.


The Company is organized into three departments: Commercial, Technical and Services. The combination of the above ensures greater autonomy providing integrated automation package, more flexibility and competitive prices.


  • Study and design of applications.
  • Construction and Project Implementation
  • Education, After Sales Service (24h/7d)
  • Industrial Measurements
    • Measuring the dielectric constant of oil to power transformers up to 60 KV
    • Dielectric testing, Insulation measurements up to 5.000V
    • Thermography of machines with infrared camera
    • Ground conductivity measurement
    • Inspection of circuit breakers up to 2.500Α
    • Measurement and recording of power quality V, A, Hz, HAR, KW, KVA, KVAR.
    • Measurements of pressure, temperature, level etc.

The basic principle of all our activities is to provide high quality products, services and reliability. Guarantee for all the above is our large customer base that trust us and is constantly expanding.


Stavros Kassidiaris S.A.

Peiraias, Agchialou 97 & Aigaleo 73

+30 210 4636000

+30 210 4624471

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Thank you for contacting us. Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. is always at your disposal to answer any questions and provide any piece of information about its services