Calibration – Certification - Kassidiaris

C&A Stavros Kassidiaris SA is always dedicated to technological progress, undertakes Calibration and Certification of all types of Measuring Instruments to ensure their compliance, using exemplary equipment. The company is a member of HELLAS LAB.

Calibration – Certification of:

  • Temperature -30…+1300°C
  • Pressure  -1…1000 bar
  • Voltage 0…600 Vac/dc
  • Power 0…20 Aac/dc
  • Frequency 0,001 Hz…20 GHz
  • Resistance 0,001 Ω…200 GΩ
  • Active / Reactive Power, cosφ
  • Flow, Level, Speed, PH, 15ppm
  • Calibration of Pneumatic Instruments
  • Calibration of Gas Detection Systems (LEL, CH4, O2, H2S, CO, CO2, H2, etc.)
  • Repair of Electronic Boards (PCBs)