Calibration – Certification

Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. undertakes the Calibration and Certification in compliance with all kinds of Measuring Instruments, using exemplary equipment. Our company consists a full member of HELLAS LAB.

C&A is totally devoted in assuring quality and continuous technological progress.

The Service & Repair Engineers deal with construction of new vessels as well as modifications and repairs, worldwide with immediate response. The integrity, reliability, efficiency and versatility are the key values and principles of the company and its history.

Calibration – Certification of:

  • Temperatures from -30 up to +1300°C
  • Pressure from -1 εώς 1000 bar
  • Voltage 0…600 Vac/dc
  • Power 0…20 Aac/dc
  • Frequency 0.001 Hz…20 GHz
  • Resistance 0.001 Ω…200 GΩ
  • Active / Reactive Power, cosφ
  • Flow, Level, Speed, PH, 15ppm
  • Calibration of Pneumatic Instruments
  • Calibration of gas detector systems (LEL, CH4, O2, H2S, CO, CO2, H2, κλπ.)
  • Repair of Electronic Boards (PCBs)


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