Sensors And Measuring Instruments


Simple enclosures, weatherproof, explosionproof, Marine type, metallic or PVC, in many sizes.

Temperature Indicators

Digital and analog instruments for measurement, control and registration of temperature.

Pressure transmitters

Digital and analog instruments for measurement, control and pressure recording.

Portable equipment

Voltage measuring instruments, for current, power, speedometers, sound meters, humidity etc.

Signal Converters

Signal converters for V, A, Mv, MA, OHM, HZ, Thermocouples, Pulse etc.

Portable equipment

Recording instruments of various types. Up to 24 Channels, paper and paperless.

Analog instruments

Analog instruments of various dimensions, industrial and marine type.

Digital Instruments

Digital instruments of various dimensions Bar graph , with Relay output, RS232, PLC etc.

Gas Detectors

Portable gas detectors (for toxic, explosive, etc.) with or without integrated pump.

Float switches & Level Transmitters

Level transmitters, switches and gauges, Marine and explosion proof type.

Proximity switches

Wide range of proximity switches, inductive and capacitive type.

Current Transformers

Current transformers, converters etc.

DC Shunts

DC Shunts, various intensities. Output 60mV.

Power Analyzers

Power analyzers A, V, Hz, Kw, KWh, cos, harmonics, continuous and instantaneous measurement, portable and panels.