Represented Companies

Marine and Offshore Cables

MCCB, Monitoring Systems, Power Distribution Panels

Magnetic Contacts, Thermal Relays, Timers, Pressure Transmitters, PID Controllers, Oxygen Analyzers, Recorders

Fixed and Portable Gas Detection Systems

Inert Gas and Oxygen Analyzers

Fire Detection Systems

Explosion Proof systems

Salinity Meters, Bridge Watch Alarm

Generator Voltage Regulators

Marine Automations

Power Factor Correctors, Network Analyzers, Transducers, Analog and Digital Instruments

Digital Instruments, Signal Converters, Recorders

Alarm Units, Monitoring Systems, Protection Systems, Power Management

Directional Control Valves

Oil Discharge Monitoring System, 15PPM Monitors

Pressure and Temperature Calibrators

Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers, Power Electronics

Enclosures, Power Distribution

Pneumatic, Hydraulic Systems

Pressure and Temperature Switches, Electromagnetic Switches

Air Regulators, Pneumatic Components, Pneumatic Cylinders, Pressure Switches

Signal Converters, Transmitters

Industrial Automation


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