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FUJI ELECTRIC: October 2022


Clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement for steam

World’s first clamp-on saturated steam ultrasonic flowmeter Flowmeter for steam

Clamp-on saturated steam ultrasonic flowmeter capable of measuring steam flow without the need to cut piping

It was previously difficult to measure the steam flow used in factories in various industrial sectors, but this flowmeter can now be installed even when the equipment is in operation.

Measure the steam flow with precision thanks to a new noise reduction technology, whatever the pressure (from 0.1 MPa (G)) and temperature (up to 180 ° C).


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Oil & Gas : Protect petroleum workers from radioactive material with personal dosimeter

The oil and gas industry is responsible for releasing radioactive materials through its extraction, drilling, fracking, and production activities. Oil and gas production involves the use of various types of radiation, including gamma rays, x-rays, and neutrons. Some of these emissions are potentially dangerous to human health and the environment. Electronic personal dosimeters are used to properly monitor workers’ exposure to radioactivity.

In this article, we will discuss the sources of radioactive emissions in oil and gas production and how they are monitored. We will also look at some of the safety measures that are in place to protect workers from exposure to these harmful emissions.


Oil & Gas Industry and Radiation Exposure

Oil & Gas Industry and Radiation ExposureThe oil and gas industry is always looking for ways to improve efficiency while maintaining a high standard of safety, regardless of the harsh climate conditions and environmental challenges.

The oil and gas industry has several sectors, which include the construction, exploration, production, downstream, and marketing sectors: the construction sector is responsible for manufacturing and fabricating facilities and equipment, the exploration sector is responsible for finding and evaluating new resources, and the production sector is responsible for developing and exploiting commercially viable oil and gas fields.

Even though petroleum and oil exploration have usually been associated with the bi-product of combustion contaminants, such as CO2 or greenhouse gases (GHGs), it is often forgotten that these same processes can expose many workers to radiation.

Those who live near oil exploration and processing facilities may be at risk of exposure to potential radiation through radioactive substances and may be vulnerable to the harmful effects of radiation.

Strict controls must be implemented to protect both workers and the general public from harmful radiation exposure as well as radioactive waste or chemical hazardous waste.

Oil and gas companies are highly reliant on specialized service and supply companies to provide the necessary equipment and expertise like rt inspection (Radiographic Testing) which includes radiation safety.

The Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)  is responsible within the organization for the supervision of work involving ionizing radiation.

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How to avoid equipment degradation and instrumentation failures in urea plants?

The high temperatures and pressures, corrosion and crystallisation inherent in the urea manufacturing process can put a strain on even the most reliable pressure measurement equipment and quickly render it inoperative.

In this article, learn about a diaphragm seal that is strong enough to protect relative, absolute and differential pressure transmitters from the the harsh environments encountered in urea fertilizer production.


The third agricultural revolution will not be possible without the use of fertilisers.

The-third-agricultural-revolutionProducing more is becoming essential, while agricultural land is shrinking.

Organic farming dreamed of chemical-free crops that would preserve our health and our environment. Today, the dream of the 1980s is coming up against the reality of the soil: without help, the land is depleted.


The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that food production will have to increase by 70% to feed the additional 2.3 billion people on our planet by 2050. At the same time, the area of cultivated land is constantly decreasing.

Cultivated agricultural land accounted for 5 billion hectares worldwide. But every year, more than 3 million hectares are severely degraded.

Today, nearly 5 million hectars of our arable land are lost yearly.

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