Diaphragm seals - Kassidiaris

The diaphragm seals are the new product of C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A., which make possible the tank level, the pressure, the viscosity etc. remote measurements.

The membranes that are used in the diaphragm seals are made of a special stainless mixture with excellent flexibility and mechanical strength.

They are all connected through a capillary tube with temperature, pressure and level measuring instruments, thus achieving remote measurement in applications where the measured implement is highly viscous, corrosive, has high temperature or it is positioned in an explosive or toxic environment.

The closed isolation circuit is filled with very low viscosity silicone oil, after a procedure of removing the atmospheric air that lasts about 24 hours is completed. In this way we achieve almost the absolute gap of 99.999%.

Diaphragm seals typical applications on ships in Automatic Unloading Systems and Cargo Tanks.


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