Services Department

Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. Services Department activities take care of all Automation Installation and Repairs in Greece and abroad.

For maximum quality of our service the department is divided into two separate sub departments:

Marine Services

for Automation and Electrical repairs on Vessels.

A big customer’s list, from the main Maritime Companies and Shipyards, trust our company for Automation repairs and installation in:

  • Engine Consoles / Manoeuvring Systems
  • Alarm Panels / Safety Devices
  • Power Panels, Automation Consoles
  • Boilers Automation
  • Generators Automation
  • Cargo Pump Automation (*)  High Level and Overfill Alarms (*)
  • Inert Gas Systems (*)
  • Measuring and Recording Temperature, Pressure, Level, etc
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Instrument Calibration and Certification

(*) Specially for Tankers

Industry Services

for Automation and Electrical repairs on Industries

More than 600 Industries are included into our customer’s list, for many projects, such as:

  • Technical Studies
  • Medium Voltage Substations
  • Low Voltage Distribution Panels
  • Automation Panels
  • Measuring Systems


Stavros Kassidiaris S.A.

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Other Information

Thank you for contacting us. Stavros Kassidiaris S.A. is always at your disposal to answer any questions and provide any piece of information about its services