Constructions - Kassidiaris

Diaphragm seals

The diaphragm seals are the new product of C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A., which make possible the tank level, the pressure, the viscosity etc. remote measurements. The membranes that are used in the diaphragm seals are made of a special stainless mixture with excellent flexibility and mechanical strength. They are all connected through a capillary tube […]

Case Study: C&A Retrofit Kit Construction

Retrofit Kit Construction on Hyundai Electric Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) 2,500 A has completed successfully by C&A technicians in mid-April. C&A Retrofit Kits are the easiest, safest and the most cost – effective way to replace older ACBs. Retrofit kits are offered to the following breakers: Hyundai Electric Merlin Gerin/Schneider General Electric Terasaki ABB/Sace LG/LS […]

Boiler Control Panel

Boiler Control Panel provides an easily programmable and flexible way to optimize combustion across the entire load range of a boiler / burner. The control unit includes all the required functions for reliable burner management. Some of them are fully automated safe ignition system for boiler start-up, proper valve operation & control, MODBUS connectivity and touch […]

Vessel Security System

Vessel Security System – 100 is an innovative security system which helps the avoidance of any unknown security trespass. Characteristics: No repair requirements Data file conservation Security personnel reduction The system follows the ISPS standards Operational requirements: Access points to 128 Universal sensors (PNP, NPN, NAMUR cables, etc.) FID card access or password Adaptable User Insterface […]

Switchboard Construction

Differential Pressure Transmitters DPT-250

Rudder Angle Indicator PM-2000