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Coolselector®2 helps you optimize energy consumption and increase efficiency in any HVACR system. Run unbiased calculations based on a set of operating conditions — such as cooling capacity, refrigerant, evaporation, and condensation temperature — and then select the best components for your design. We’ve removed the complexity from the equation so that you can focus on what you do best: being awesome.



Now, we’re putting more resources at your fingertips that make Coolselector®2 an even more valuable and useful part of your digital toolbox.

Why use Coolselector®2 

Creating new designs from the ground up, or making improvements to existing system, can be complicated and time-consuming. Large amounts of data need to be calculated and analyzed to determine the best components for a high-performance system. Your clients and colleagues expect skimmable reports, so they can quickly make use of your findings. And, of course, you need the code numbers to order the specified components when you’re ready to start assembling or retrofitting the system.

Coolselector®2 streamlines these processes, so you can focus on applying your expertise rather than getting buried in the details.

You can even use Coolselector®2 to perform calculations for multiple components at once. The “components in series” function offers a powerful way of calculating and connecting valves and line components. Coolselector®2 can also suggest the ideal grouping of Danfoss components for commercial and industrial applications, such as cold rooms and evaporator valve stations.

Download Coolselector®2 for free at Coolselector.Danfoss.com

Are you up to the Challenge? 

Prove to yourself, and the world, just how awesome you are by participating in the Coolselector®2 Challenge.

Starting in April, a unique Coolselector®2 challenge will go live on our social media channels each month. Your mission will be to use your knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning and skills within Coolselector®2 to solve each one. Answer correctly, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a custom-made action figure that looks just like you. It’s the ultimate collector’s item.

Start following us on social media now and watch for the first challenge to go live in April. Or sign up for updates to get the monthly Challenge delivered straight to your inbox.

Become More Awesome 

Need to brush up on your skills before you take on the Coolselector®2 Challenge? Whether you’re trying out Coolselector®2 for the first time or are a long-time user, we have training opportunities that can help you become an expert.

These resources include two brand new video series that will familiarize you with the tool and deepen your understanding of the principles behind it.

Coolselector®2 Startup School 

Learn the ins and outs of Coolselector®2 and operate it with confidence by participating in Coolselector®2 Startup School. This extensive collection of training videos and exercises gives you insight into the technical workings of the software and shows you how to use it effectively. You start off with the basics, then can challenge yourself with more specific lessons that unlock the true power of the software. Finally, you can test your skills on sample exercises that show you how to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Start learning now

Coolselector®2 Deep Dive 

Sometimes, it’s not enough to know how something works; you also want to know why. With this second video series, you can explore the depths of Coolselector®2 and learn more about the complex calculations that go into boosting system performance. Wade through the details and examine the principles that drive this powerful software. The Coolselector®2 Deep Dive series is hosted by Morten Juel Skovrup, lead developer of Coolselector®2.

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Please review below terms and conditions and accept them before proceeding with the use of Coolselector®2 online.

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This end user license agreement and disclaimer (“Agreement”) is entered into between Danfoss A/S or its Affiliates (each of which is referred to as “Danfoss”) and you as an end user (“You” or “User”). In this Agreement “Affiliate” shall mean an entity directly or indirectly controlled by Danfoss A/S whether by shares or voting rights.

Upon acceptance of this Agreement Danfoss grants You a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license (“License”) to install and use the Coolselector®2 (“Application”), for User’s use on any device that User owns or controls. The License is granted subject to User’s compliance with the following:

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Danfoss disclaims all warranties and conditions regarding the Application, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy and non-infringement of third parties’ rights. Danfoss does not warrant that the Application will meet your requirements or that the operation hereof will be uninterrupted or error-free.

  1. Processing of personal data

Personal data processed in connection with the Application will be deleted after 6 months. For further information regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to the Danfoss data privacy policy on: https://www.danfoss.com/en/terms/privacy/

  1. Limitation of liability

To the extent not prohibited by law, in no event shall Danfoss be liable for any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages, whatsoever, including, without limitation, damage to property, damages for loss of savings or profits, or loss of data arising out of any use of the Application.

  1. Miscellaneous

The License shall automatically terminate upon User’s breach of any of the terms of this Agreement. Danfoss may terminate the License at its sole discretion without prior notice.

This Agreement and the License is subject to the substantive law of Denmark. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Denmark.

App License Terms, 2014-08



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FUJI ELECTRIC: October 2022


Clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement for steam

World’s first clamp-on saturated steam ultrasonic flowmeter Flowmeter for steam

Clamp-on saturated steam ultrasonic flowmeter capable of measuring steam flow without the need to cut piping

It was previously difficult to measure the steam flow used in factories in various industrial sectors, but this flowmeter can now be installed even when the equipment is in operation.

Measure the steam flow with precision thanks to a new noise reduction technology, whatever the pressure (from 0.1 MPa (G)) and temperature (up to 180 ° C).


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Oil & Gas : Protect petroleum workers from radioactive material with personal dosimeter

The oil and gas industry is responsible for releasing radioactive materials through its extraction, drilling, fracking, and production activities. Oil and gas production involves the use of various types of radiation, including gamma rays, x-rays, and neutrons. Some of these emissions are potentially dangerous to human health and the environment. Electronic personal dosimeters are used to properly monitor workers’ exposure to radioactivity.

In this article, we will discuss the sources of radioactive emissions in oil and gas production and how they are monitored. We will also look at some of the safety measures that are in place to protect workers from exposure to these harmful emissions.


Oil & Gas Industry and Radiation Exposure

Oil & Gas Industry and Radiation ExposureThe oil and gas industry is always looking for ways to improve efficiency while maintaining a high standard of safety, regardless of the harsh climate conditions and environmental challenges.

The oil and gas industry has several sectors, which include the construction, exploration, production, downstream, and marketing sectors: the construction sector is responsible for manufacturing and fabricating facilities and equipment, the exploration sector is responsible for finding and evaluating new resources, and the production sector is responsible for developing and exploiting commercially viable oil and gas fields.

Even though petroleum and oil exploration have usually been associated with the bi-product of combustion contaminants, such as CO2 or greenhouse gases (GHGs), it is often forgotten that these same processes can expose many workers to radiation.

Those who live near oil exploration and processing facilities may be at risk of exposure to potential radiation through radioactive substances and may be vulnerable to the harmful effects of radiation.

Strict controls must be implemented to protect both workers and the general public from harmful radiation exposure as well as radioactive waste or chemical hazardous waste.

Oil and gas companies are highly reliant on specialized service and supply companies to provide the necessary equipment and expertise like rt inspection (Radiographic Testing) which includes radiation safety.

The Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)  is responsible within the organization for the supervision of work involving ionizing radiation.

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How to avoid equipment degradation and instrumentation failures in urea plants?

The high temperatures and pressures, corrosion and crystallisation inherent in the urea manufacturing process can put a strain on even the most reliable pressure measurement equipment and quickly render it inoperative.

In this article, learn about a diaphragm seal that is strong enough to protect relative, absolute and differential pressure transmitters from the the harsh environments encountered in urea fertilizer production.


The third agricultural revolution will not be possible without the use of fertilisers.

The-third-agricultural-revolutionProducing more is becoming essential, while agricultural land is shrinking.

Organic farming dreamed of chemical-free crops that would preserve our health and our environment. Today, the dream of the 1980s is coming up against the reality of the soil: without help, the land is depleted.


The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that food production will have to increase by 70% to feed the additional 2.3 billion people on our planet by 2050. At the same time, the area of cultivated land is constantly decreasing.

Cultivated agricultural land accounted for 5 billion hectares worldwide. But every year, more than 3 million hectares are severely degraded.

Today, nearly 5 million hectars of our arable land are lost yearly.

See more:  https://www.fujielectric.fr/en/news/how-avoid-equipment-degradation-and-instrumentation-failures-urea-plants

Gas analysis –


🤔 Do you want to optimise your processes?

💡 Ensure accurate oxygen measurement even under harsh industrial conditions with the ZAJ paramagnetic oxygen analyser!
Gas analysis –


Upcoming event

– Oil & gas event: Adipec 2022 –
The Adipec exhibition will take place from October 31st to November 3rd in Abu Dhabi.
Come and visit us on stand n°9239, French Pavilion and let’s talk about process optimisation!

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Prysmian Powerlink CCO D. Waimann: “With 1,200 km of hvdc underground cable, we are advancing the energy transition in Germany and Europe”

MILAN, ITALY   –   10/14/2022 – 10:52 AM

With the start of cable production at Prysmian Group, SuedLink, the largest infrastructure project of the energy transition in Germany with a length of around 700 kilometres and 4 GW of transmission capacity, has reached another milestone. Prysmian started the production of a ±525 kV HVDC underground cable system at its French plant in Montereau, which allows a transmittable power of 2 gigawatts on a single system.

The transmission system operators TransnetBW GmbH and TenneT TSO GmbH have commissioned the globally operating cable manufacturer based in Milan to plan, manufacture, deliver and install a 580 km section of SuedLink. It connects Wilster in Schleswig-Holstein via the north-west of Hamburg to the southern connection point in Bergrheinfeld near Schweinfurt in Bavaria. The two transmission system operators have awarded the cable supplies for SuedLink in two lots for their respective areas of responsibility. For the connection from Brunsbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein to Leingarten in Baden-Württemberg the company NKT is in charge.

Space-saving installation with high transmittable power

The ±525 kV underground cables for SuedLink are designed with large conductor cross-sections for high transmittable power over long distances. A particular advantage is minimized space consumption – the ±525 kV technology allows a reduced amount of cable to transmit the same power compared to 320 kV systems, for example. This means less construction effort is required when installing the system, including trench widths.

We are pleased to now produce a first significant part of the large cable volumes that will drive the energy transition in Germany and Europe over the next few years,” explains Detlev Waimann, CCO Prysmian Powerlink. “Through parallel, early production in several European plants, we can – in coordination with the transmission system operators – optimize the future project processes.

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The time to act is now

Our world is changing rapidly. Unforeseen events like the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and soaring energy prices, have accelerated the need for technologies that enable the green transition. Global megatrends such as Climate Change, Electrification, Digitalization, Urbanization, Food and Water Supply are more relevant now than ever.

Watch the video and learn how these megatrends are generating new opportunities to transform the world and create a sustainable future.

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FEMA presents the I4L, a new model for the I4 series of signal converter. The I4L works with load cells applications and the measurement of millivolt applications. A single recurrent solution to your applications with load cells, tension-force sensors and signals in mVdc in general. The I4L includes the usual features within the I4 series. You already know the I4E converter for electrical signals and the I4P for process and temperature signals. They all include:

  • Universal power supply 18 to 265 Vac/dc.
  • Front displays.
  • Easy configuration with codes.
  • Fully scalable input and output signal ranges, using the advanced configuration.
  • Accuracy.
  • Force functions.
  • SOS mode.

And the I4L also includes signal-specific functions, such as field correction (Fcor), or the tare function. Practical tolos to configure the converter for the specific type of load cell and different weighing systems.

Are we missing something? ….Yes, indeed! The I4L supplies voltage to the load cell, automatically compensating for variations at the received signal. Excitation voltage and excitation current values supplied to the cell, can be accessed at the front display when using the Messages function.

The I4L, a single reference, that will adapt without problems to all types of weighing applications, whether with standard load cells, with bipolar ranges up to ±80 mVdc or in pure millivoltmeter mode, offering a conversion of high accuracy.

Additionaly, you can even check the real millivolt values at input terminals thanks to the Measure function!

All in the same instrument to facilitate installation, start-up and system diagnosis.


Danfoss Tech Insider: latest news Cooling and Sensing solutions

We are pleased to send you the latest edition of Tech Insider!

Danfoss Tech Insider keeps you updated with the latest news on the cooling and industrial products portfolios. Danfoss Tech Insider is sent out, on a monthly basis, to ensure you are always up to date with the latest innovations and changes made to Danfoss products and solutions. We hope you will enjoy reading it!

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The compact analogue rod-type pressure transmitter and the Process SMART pressure transmitter are all used to measure pressure.

Although the purpose of using these devices is almost identical, their technical specifications vary greatly between these different types, resulting in many aspects such as the accuracy or resolution of the measurement.

Once these details are clearly defined, it will be clear which instrument is most suitable.

This article looks in detail at each of these types, and their advantages and limitations, to help you make the right choice.

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  • Sales reached EUR 7.5 billion, up 29% against 2020.
  • Growth was driven by very strong demand for our energy-efficient products and solutions, leading to organic growth of 18%, as well as added sales from the Eaton Hydraulics acquisition.
  • Operating profits (EBITA) reached a record EUR 969 million, up 34% against 2020.
  • We reached our 2030 targets of doubling our energy productivity nine years ahead of time. New ambitious ESG targets and ambitions to be launched in H1 2022.
  • Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees who continue to navigate the challenges created by the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, while serving our customers.
  • Outlook 2022 sales in the range of EUR 8.8-9.8bn and EBITA margin in the range of 11.4-12.9%. This includes the full year ownership of Eaton’s hydraulics business.

“Sustainability has been part of Danfoss’ purpose since the company was founded. Our DNA and culture have been instrumental in building our leading position across multiple industries. Looking towards 2030, Danfoss will integrate new ESG ambitions and targets based on the Science Based Targets initiative.”

Kim Fausing, President & CEO, Danfoss Group

In 2021, Danfoss sales increased 29% to EUR 7.5 billion – a record sales level. Organic growth reached 18% year-over-year. The five months ownership of Eaton’s hydraulics business added EUR 786 million to the topline. Danfoss delivered extensive growth in all regions. Investments in innovation (R&D) increased 23% to EUR 328 million. At the same time, Danfoss’ operating profits reached the highest level ever with EBITA of EUR 969 million and EBITA margin of 12.8%. Net profit reached EUR 631 million, up 45%.

“We have never seen better opportunities for Danfoss. It is our ambition to be the leading technology partner for our customers in the green transition – decarbonizing through energy efficiency, low emissions, and electrification. After all, the greenest energy is the energy that we don’t use. Our momentum is clearly reflected in our 2021 annual results. Danfoss has delivered the best results in our history, and we are in a strong financial position,” says Kim Fausing, President & CEO of Danfoss.

“What makes me most proud is how our teams continue to deal with the pandemic and the significant challenges with the supply chain while delivering a transformational, record year. Unfortunately, these considerable challenges affected our customer service. In addition, all three segments were affected by inflationary pressure. We will continue to do everything we can to serve our customers and we will continue our high investments in capacity expansion, innovation and digitalization of Danfoss,” says Kim Fausing.


“Sustainability has been part of Danfoss’ purpose since the company was founded. Our DNA and culture have been instrumental in building our leading position across multiple industries. Looking towards 2030, Danfoss will integrate new ESG targets and ambitions based on the Science Based Targets initiative,” says Kim Fausing.

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We are proud to present to you the latest addition to the PR 3000 range of compact 6 mm devices. The PR 3225 adds a universal frequency converter to the trusted and renowned PR 3000 product series, which has played a vital role in our customers’ process solutions for more than a decade.

PR 3225 supports a broad range of industry standard input types, custom-programmable sensor voltages and output options:

  • Programmable f/I/U converter
  • Input: NAMUR, NPN, PNP, Tacho, TTL & S0
  • Two output options – 3225A: mA / V, 3225B: Alarm relay
  • 0.001 Hz – 100 kHz input/output span
  • Accuracy < 0.06% / span
  • Response time < 30 ms
  • NAMUR NE21, NE43
  • 2.5 kVAC, 3-port galvanic isolation

For easy deployment, the typical configuration can be achieved via DIP-switch programming. With the optional PR 4590 ConfigMate and communication interfaces in the PR 4500 series, it is easy to monitor and program the measurement point and take advantage of the advanced features supported by PR 3225.

Based on the strong foundation of the PR 3000 series with the well-known and unique features such as high accuracy, fast response time and low temperature drift, the PR 3225 is a flexible and

and easy-to-use product when measuring frequency signals.

With the outstanding EMC specifications, that meet or exceed industry standards, and 5-year warranty, you can look forward to many years of trouble-free operation with PR 3225.





Learn more about PR 3225 Universal frequency converter

What are frequency to current converters and what are they used for?


The process industry requires measurement and control of many process variables. Speed and flow rate are two such variables, where safety and product delivery demand accurate process control.

Sensors used to measure speed often take the form of proximity sensors, which detect a target as it passes by the sensor resulting in a pulse or frequency output proportional to the speed.

To enable these signals to interface with downstream equipment, the pulses or frequencies are often converted to a current or voltage signal. Frequency to current converters such as the PR 4225 and PR 3225 are used for this purpose.

Find out more about frequency to current conversion

Leading-edge signal conditioning devices

PR electronics designs and produces signal conditioning devices for the process industry within temperature, I.S. interfaces, panel displays, converters, and signal conditioners. With our integrated development and manufacturing campus in Denmark, 9 sales subsidiaries and 40 distributors, we serve more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

PR electronics is driven by engineers deeply committed to delivering leading-edge process instrumentation products. With our innovative and patented technologies, we take signal conditioning to the next level. All our products comply with or surpass the highest industry standards and ensure superior performance.

Being locally strong and globally present, we are ready to support you with best-in-class instrumentation products and half a century of experience. Read more