C&A group – BOSCH / AVENTICS: 20 years of successful cooperation at pneumatic & hydraulic systems

For more than 20 years, C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A., deserves the right to cooperate with BOSCH REXROTH & EMERSON/AVENTICS as an official distributor and repairer of Pneumatic & Electrohydraulic Ship Systems.

With a long experience and know-how at Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems, C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A., offers equipment and technical support services such as inspection, measurement, repair, adjustment, reconstruction and conversion of Electrohydraulic & Pneumatic Systems signed by the German group.

A large stock of genuine equipment and spare parts of BOSCH/AVENTICS, is available at C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A. Includes valves, pressure switches, controls, pressure regulators, V.I.T. systems, controllers, measuring instruments, etc. as well as a set of repair spare parts of the above.

C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A. since 1978 provides to shipping equipment of Automation systems, from about 50 large companies abroad, such as HYUNDAI ELECTRIC, DANFOSS, SERVOMEX, SELCO, FUJI ELECTRIC, TYCO, S.M.C., SIKA, EMRI, UNISAFE, RECOM, HONEST CABLES, etc. At the same time it offers installation and repair services of automation systems & maneuvering systems on more than 250 ships per year.

C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A. is certified according to: ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 & OHSAS: 1800