Boiler Control Panel - Kassidiaris

Boiler Control Panel provides an easily programmable and flexible way to optimize combustion across the entire load range of a boiler / burner.

The control unit includes all the required functions for reliable burner management. Some of them are fully automated safe ignition system for boiler start-up, proper valve operation & control, MODBUS connectivity and touch screen as well.

The system ensures that the burner temperature is accurate with a maximum temperature error of ≈1 ° C and a false pressure of ≈1 psi. The positioning accuracy of the control motors of the airflow regulator and the fuel valve is 0.1 ° over the entire load range. This fact ensures a stable fuel-to-air ratio, which leads to improved fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions.

Basic characteristics:

  • Minor changes in the fuel-air ratio
  • Display ability for 2 fuel curves
  • Parallel control of 3 channels of servomechanisms
  • 1 control channel for VSD (induction motor)
  • Internal control for ensuring successful ignition
  • UV self-diagnosis – Ultraviolet radiation (optional)
  • Lead IBS (Intelligent Boiler Sequencing)
  • Set Point (PID) setting & control accuracy
  • Adjustment of 3 parameters: O2, CO2, & CO (EGA option)
  • NFPA compatibility
  • Outdoor temperature compensation (OTC module)
  • Timer

The design, the burner supply, and the construction of the fully automated Boiler Control Panel accomplished exclusively by C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS SA’s technical department.


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